Customs brokerage

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A thorough interpretation of the customs regulations is a must to optimize logistics needs, speed up all necessary formalities and reduce costs. This includes the correct classification of the goods, and the determination of both value and origin of goods.


Our professional team shall advise you on the foreign trade regulation applicable to your specific case and shall recommend the best option to establish your customs declaration and applicable regimes, in import, export or transit.


We can also offer you a fiscal representation if necessary, when you import goods into free practice through a EU country with final destination another member state, under the regime 42 of the VAT.


Our premises dispose of bonded warehouses,  and you can store your goods there without having clear customs until the moment you need to dispose of them.


We can submit on your behalf all applications for binding resolutions upon the origin or the classification of the goods, allowing you to guarantee a known treatment to your goods in all EU member states.


Through our APR-Online service you can dispose of a total on line, real-time and transparent access to  your files, including not only the situation of the consignments but also all documents  related to your clearances.